Monday, May 30, 2011

Thunderstone (second try)

THUNDERSTONE by Alderac Entertainment Group
Published in 2009

It's time to try again!
Last time I suffered a humiliating defeat to the Dragons, resulting in one of the poorest games of Thunderstone I had ever played. (February 2011 review)

But now; a new set of heroes, weapons and spells against a new horde of monsters... Maybe I'll have my revenge!

So the game is Thunderstone. A card game where I fight against monsters that try to attack my village. The monsters are coming from the Dungeons of Grimhold, where one of the powerful Thunderstones are located. Once the Thunderstone is found, the monsters will stop attacking... but in the meantime I have to try my best and prevent too many creatures from attacking the city.

My heroes for this game:

Outlands Warrior - Very powerful fighters, with an ability to consume food to gain even more power.

Dwarf Guardian - Fighters with special skill with edged weapons.

Feayn Archer - Fighters who can only attack deeper into the dungeon hall. They also bring light with them.

Regian Cleric - Basic clerics. They can cure diseases and boost the combat with other abilities.

The monsters for this game are Undead Spirits, Doomknights and Abyssals.
The Spirits have a lot of nasty surprises up their ethereal sleeves, while the Doomknights are notorious for making the dark dungeon halls even darker. Abyssals - demons - are altogether powerful fighters.


My heroes visit the village, and learn a Battlefury -spell, which will boost the combat of every hero present. A fearful Doomknight known as "Prince" appears from the dungeon.

Dwarf Guardian is recruited. This fighter is especially dangerous, if equipped with edged weapons. An Abyssal named Tormentor comes out of the dungeon.

A lesser Abyssal called Grudgebeast arrives and fills the dungeon hall. The heroes, still too weak to challenge any of the monsters, purchase an enchanted Flaming Sword from the village. The monsters need to be stopped, or the village will start suffering from their attacks.

The Dwarf shows up, but without any weapons... An unarmed Dwarf and some Militia are not strong enough to raid the dungeon hall, and so the evil Prince attacks the village. A Town Guard is recruited to handle the village logistics.

Archduke of Pain enters the dungeon hall! This mighty Abyssal is extremely difficult to kill... without the Dragons present, this creature is probably the most dangerous foe to be imagined. To make things worse, the Tormentor attacks the village.

 Things are not going well.

Finally some progress! The Dwarf arrives again, this time with one of the fabled Flaming Swords. He, accompanied with three Militia, raids the dungeon and kills a weak demon known as "The Unchained". This unholy creature infects the party with a disease.

With the help of the Town Guard, a mighty Outlands Warrior is recruited.

Sadly, the little Grudgebeast gets through and assaults the village, and the Archduke of Pain terrorizes the area... Many of the would-be heroes disappear.

A Wraith comes out of the dungeon.

The town Militia plays some time and attacks a Doomknight by the name of Darkness... They are unable to slay the creature, and it reaches the village, but this way the much more dangerous Archduke is kept in place.

The Dwarf and some Militia enter the dungeon, and with the help of the spells "Magical aura" and "Battle fury", they manage to destroy the Wraith. One Militiaman is killed in the fight.

This will keep the other monsters at bay for a while.

The Archduke of Pain can no longer be held back... it furiously attacks the village.
A Feayn Archer joins the party.

The archer steps right into action, and kills another "Unchained" Abyssal. A Ghost takes the demon's place in the dungeon hall.

A powerful Tormentor Abyssal is killed!
The Outlands warrior, armed with a Flaming Sword and backed up by a single Militia member, enter the dungeon and destroy the demon. Magical Aura- and Battle fury -spells were used again.

Some new heroes are acquired; Dwarf Janissary is recruited with a hefty sum of gold, and one of the Militiamen is trained into a Regian Cleric.

Feayn Archer gains a level and becomes a Marksman. At the same time, the Ghost reaches the village and attacks.

Another Doomknight Prince arrives from the dungeon, but this time the heroes are ready.
With only some small light sources, The Outlands Warrior with a Flaming Sword, and the Dwarf Guardian with a dagger charge in and slay the creature.

This is a great victory indeed, but sadly the Dwarf is killed in the fight.

Heroes buy a Polearm, an excellent weapon if the user has enough strength to use it properly.
The Feayn Marksman trains hard and reaches the maximum level, becoming a powerful Feayn Sniper!

Dwarf Janissary destroys a spirit, simply called the "Haunt", from near the dungeon hall's exit. The Janissary also finds a Warhammer from the dungeon.
A fearsome Doomknight "Knightmare" appears and brings darkness to the hall.

The most wicked of all the spirits - the Revenant - appears!

Meanwhile, another Dwarf Janissary joins the heroes.

Another Haunt is destroyed. Now the dungeon hall is occupied by some very dangerous monsters; two Knightmares and the Revenant.

One of the Dwarf Janissaries level up and becomes a Sentinel - the highest level Dwarf possible! But at the same time, a Knightmare rides into the village to cause death and destruction.

The Revenant is destroyed! Another Dwarf Janissary equips a Flaming Sword and challenges the creature. Revenant's life-draining magic weakens the Dwarf, but a Magical Aura helps him to overcome this effect and slay the unholy Revenant.

A polearm is claimed as spoils.

Some time passes, without any success is fighting the monsters.. an so a Doomknight "Judgment" reaches the village.

Feayn Sniper slays a Wraith - rather easily so. Unfortunately, a Militiaman was with the Sniper, and the Wraith managed to kill him during the short fight.

A superior combination; Dwarf Sentinel with a Polearm! This mighty warrior slays the other Knightmare, but there is a downside: Janissary was with the Sentinel, and this lesser Dwarf falls victim to the Knightmare's evil powers...

The heroes boost their ranks. Regian Priest joins the defenders, and the Cleric also reaches the rank of a Priest. Outlands Warrior is experienced enough to become an Outlands Slayer!

A Doomknight by the name of Darkness attacks the village. A moment later, one of The Unchained creatures also reaches the village. Another Revenant is seen.

The Feayn Sniper demonstrates his superior skill by single handedly slaying the new Revenant. The sniper first shoots a deadly shot at the creature, then rushes in with a Flaming Sword! Some extra experience is gained with this heroic deed.

The Thunderstone is spotted! A weak Spectre is carrying it, so there should be no problem for the mighty heroes to recover it.

The furious Dwarf Sentinel rushes in with a Regian Priest. The priest Cures the nasty disease that was troubling the heroes, while the Dwarf destroys the Spectre. Now only a pathetic Grudgebeast is guarding the Thunderstone...
This should be over soon.

And true enough, the Outlands Slayer arms himself with a Polearm and effortlessly destroys the little demon.

The Thunderstone is found!

Now let's see what became of the village, after all the damage is counted...

57 victory points, minus 50 from the monsters that got through. That means I succeeded! 7 positive points is not much, but enough to call this game a success!


Now this was a good game. I won this time, which is very nice, but the game was still hard enough. The beginning was a very tough one, and back then it seemed like I had no chances of winning... but I did, and that makes this even more enjoyable!

If you haven't read my first review of Thunderstone, I suggest you go find it from an earlier blog post of mine. That review has a little bit more information about the game in it... and it tells a story of how this game can sometimes be much more difficult than the this session depicted here :)


  1. Great post! I've been on the fence buying Thunderstone, but reading these sessions makes me think it would be a good purchase!

  2. Thunderstone was a good purchase, for my taste at least. Even its solo capabilities are surprisingly good :)

  3. I purchased Dragonspire as many people had suggested on BGG. I haven't played it yet due to work and other things, but will give it a shot this weekend. Can't wait!